I’m Yudy Veras Bueno

The Joyful Shaman

Helping You Break Emotional Pain, Limitations & Chronic Stress

In her award-winning coaching programs, The Light Warrior Series, one-on-one coaching, and through her life-changing healing circles, women break through emotional pain, self-imposed limitations, and chronic stress.

Women's Healing Circles

A Women’s Circle is a Global Movement for Self-Empowerment

Light Warrior Series

Stop living on autopilot, release insecurities, anxiety, depression, and high levels of stress.


Private 1:1 Consultation + Discovery Transformation Session

Women's Healing Circle

A Women’s Circle is a Global Movement for Self-Empowerment (weekly or membership options)

Light Warrior Series

This program was inspired and designed to prepare you to become mentally, emotionally, and spiritually stronger to face today’s challenges.

Parents & Teen Warriors

A holistic approach to Emotional Intelligence (EQ) designed for teens to help them understand the inner workings of their minds and body.

About Me

Yudy Veras Bueno, is a Spiritual Guide, international speaker, and best-selling author. She is known as the “joyful shaman” to the women in her tribe. “Finding joy”, she says, is “the key to life.” Her number one bestselling book, The becoming of a light warrior: a practical guide to emotional breakthrough, is written to answer the cry of many women in need of healing. She has served hundreds of women and their loved ones.

In her award-winning coaching program, The Light Warrior Series, and through her life-changing healing circles, women break through emotional pain, self-imposed limitations, and chronic stress.

Yudy’s mission is to help women create a thriving life that comes from the heart, unleashing the light warrior within. The program is raw, real, and inspiring.

Yudy is a Certified NAP Practitioner (Neuro Associative Programming), Certified NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Certified Reiki Master Practitioner, Mindfulness and Meditation Coach, Writer, International Speaker, and Abolitionist to raise awareness about human trafficking, especially child trafficking, around the globe. She has appeared on television, radio, podcasts, and in print.

Yudy combines modern scientific approaches and principles to emotional healing such as, neurolinguistic, neuro-associations, brain plasticity, and positive psychology, with the power of natural and intuitive healing techniques of ancient wisdom such as, Reiki, shamanic healing, sound therapy, reflective guided meditation, mindfulness, and extraordinary visualization techniques among others. This combination of proven scientific methods and ancient wisdom creates a unique symbiosis for a more advanced holistic approach to emotional healing.

She has been mentored and coached by highly trained industry experts from the Tony Robbins’ school of thought, with decades of experience. This will benefit you tremendously because this powerful combination will give you the mental, emotional, and spiritual support to continue your healing journey and self- transformation.

Yudy is a proud mom of two amazing kids, Amanda and Chris, and have been happily married for twenty-four years to her loving husband, Jonas Bueno. She resides in Nyack, New York.

“I have never given a testimony like this before. I am a social worker married to a scientist, and I pride myself on being practical and skeptical of anything I perceive as holistic or maybe even spiritual. But, I spent my life trying to save the world and help people to the point where I felt burnt out and desperate to find a solution to my stress. Finally, somehow, I became open to trying to connect to myself, my needs, and to take care of my body. I needed to truly understand and connect to my family with patience and love instead of exhaustion and depletion. I was determined to start living and loving!

BOOM! I met Yudy when we invited her to work with love professionals at our yearly Global Love Conference last month in the Dominican Republic. I had no idea that my life as I knew it was about to change forever. Together, Yudy took me through an intense and life-changing transformation.

Yudy had the ability to make me feel safe, connected, and grounded and was able to help my conscious mind relax, putting my self-sabotaging critical mind to rest for a moment. These quiet moments allowed me to feel clarity like I have never felt before. I had life-changing revelations about myself, my life, my body, my marriage, my kids, my work, EVERYTHING. I realized that I was the one blocking and keeping away the love I wanted in my life. I was the one who was sabotaging my path for self-care, healthy work/life balance, and a loving and connected marriage. It hit me fast and hit me in a way that I will never go back to living unconsciously again. I will never allow the daily stresses to impede me to such an extent that I was destroying my body with neglect. What was I doing my whole life??

I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t FINALLY connect with my body and soothe my mind. I feel so empowered and alive in a way I didn’t understand or even know existed. Yudy had a way to literally remove the toxins in my body and allow calm, love, and patience to appear. I have continued to work daily on my own and weekly with Yudy, to reinforce and ground myself to continue to grow and connect to myself and the world.

WHY would everyone do this!! Yudy is the gift of all gifts to wake you up and experience life!” 

Lisa Clampitt, LMSW, MECM, CMM

President and Founder, Matchmaking Institute and Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking, New York City


“The book helped me to work through some of my own fears. Yudy’s provides support for the reader to make changes in their own life just as she has.”

Erin Monaghan

Teacher & Business Owner

“Raw. Real and in your face. You need to hear this! The whole story is jaw-dropping and heart-wrenching. When I read this book, it hit me hard because I was in a dark place. It was comforting and just what I needed to hear. I can only say that everyone must read this book, it’s heartfelt and you feel very connected.”

Lauren Giammaria

Special Education Teacher

“One word “mind-blowing.” This is a life-changing book that everyone should be required to read. This book is a practical guide on how to start living life to the fullest and being the happiest, healthiest version of yourself. It gave me hope for my future and inspired me to become in charge of my life. I gained a new sense of hope, courage, and inspiration from this book. The steps and exercises are achievable and easy. I have implemented some into my life already”

Erica Friedhoff

Licensed Social Worker