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NBC New York

What a great experience we had today at
NBC New York for a taped segment with the amazing Lynda Baquero about our new #1 bestseller book, The Becoming a Light Warrior. It’s on Amazon. We touched on how to handle holiday stress!

Rivertown Magazine December 2019

Rivertown Magazine is Rockland County’s #1 local print magazine, published monthly by Moon Media Group, LLC. With a readership of over 100,000, it is distributed free at 950+ locations throughout Rockland County, the Hudson Valley and Bergen County, New Jersey.

Telemundo 47

Experta explica cómo dominar el poder de tu mente

Experta explica cómo dominar el poder de tu mente

Coffee with Marci

Coffee with Marci is all about sharing stories of healing and triumph. You can heal with us HERE.

Cool Me Scarf Interview

A woman reaches “a certain age” the day someone tells her, or her inner critic says ”at YOUR AGE, you wouldn’t, you shouldn’t, you can’t. ..”

Each episode of “A Certain Age” celebrates amazing women who will, who can and who DO….at their age. Join me and these inspiring women. – Li Hayes, Host

How to Master Feeling Confident Despite a Rigid Society

Featured article published on How can I even begin the journey toward happiness within myself and society when I feel so confused and lost inside?

Revista 110

Watch HERE.


Una experta habla sobre cómo sobrellevar la ansiedad generada por el coronavirus en los jóvenes

Yudi Veras Bueno, guía emocional y espiritual, dice que, aunque “esto es algo que no tiene precedentes y que está ocasionando mucha incertidumbre en los niños y adolescentes”, es necesario hablarles con la verdad y dejarles saber acerca de la situación y su impacto en el día a día

Identity Magazine

COVID_19 has been here for weeks and many are suffering on various levels. Practicing self-awareness and learning how to practice mindfulness can help heal.