Light Warrior, Stage 1 (Conscious Evolution and Spiritual Awakening )

You will embark on a journey of self-discovery that will bring real and lasting transformation
that will radically change the way you perceive life. At this stage, you become a tribe member as
well as a student.


This second stage of the program is an additional three months and is designed to guide you through an awakening state. It is recommended for anyone who wants to:


Go deeper into spiritual awakening and discover what this means in practical terms

  • Improve their relationship with self and others

  • Understand energy healing and how it works

  • Create a culture of cooperation instead of competition

  • Understand the various universal laws and forces that govern the cosmos

  • Re-discover your personal connection with Mother Earth in a more meaningful way

  • Understand the nature of who you are in order to create a new and sacred relationship with yourself

  • Perceive others in a totally different way

  • Release deep-rooted pain and wounds from the past

  • Forgive yourself and gain peace of mind

  • Wake up your body’s innate healing abilities

  • Re-discover who you are, what you are doing here, your purpose and mission in this lifetime

    In the process, you will gain a clear understanding of the following concepts in practical ways:

  • The Spiritual Awakening Cycle or Kundalini Awakening

  • Your Cosmic DNA and how to change your own body biochemistry and DNA

  • The cycles of reincarnation, Karma, and the twelve laws of Karma

  • The concepts of dimension, ascension, and the New Earth

  • The Three Pillars of the White Path:

  • An exploration into the Ancestors

  • Creating a special relationship with the environment, the cosmos, and Mother Nature

  • Energy and the Chakra System

  • The Invisible Realm and the warrior within

  • Your higher self and spirit guides:

  • Exploring the mysteries of the realm of the invisible world and the forces governing those dimensions using inner reflection and other methods, such as meditation, rituals, and ceremonies

Your Blueprint or Life Project:

What you came here to do, how to bring the blueprint into the physical world, and understanding your role as part of the big picture

This program is recommended for:

Teachers, mentors, coaches, business owners, and yoga instructors who want to further develop and understand spirituality as a science, and who want to develop a new spiritual economy

• School counselors and mental health practitioners who want to learn a more holistic approach to healing

• Doctors, nurses, psychologists—anyone who is feeling a deep call to learn about “the unknown” and hasn’t found the right answers yet

If you are considering this program as a serious option, then you received the call of the Light Warrior! ~ This is the call of self- empowerment, and transformation to help the next generation, community, and planet to move forward. Know that this is your duty and responsibility…

It is a time to listen to the Voice of Our Ancestors, to get to know our gifts and our life’s purpose.

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