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1 South Broadway

Nyack, NY 10960



  1. Please come to the Southeast corner of Broadway & Main Street where the New Age Center is located. This is the front of the building. Do not go inside. My studio is located in the back of the New Age Center here in Nyack. Please notice there are directional signs indicating the way to my studio, The Light Warrior Studio (LWS), which is located to the back of the building

  2. Park around this area, and follow the directions below to get to my LWS


  3. At the corner of the building please notice the antique store, Antiques Masters

  4. Turn right and walk down Main Street, along the Antique Store building – notice painting of books for the Nirvana bookstore.


  5. As you come down, and right before the Barber ShopTurn right into the alley where you will find the magical Red Door entrance to LWS


  6. Once inside come down the steps. To the right to find LWS