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On average, the human brain produces 12,000 to 72,000 thoughts in ONE single day.  Mind-blowing! 

The problem is…80 to 90% of our thoughts are negative, and 95% of our thoughts are repetitive—daily! 


Constant overthinking creates massive suffering, high level of stress, overthinking, perfectionist tendencies, and self-sabotage.

Sound familiar?

IMAGINE what would happen if you could learn how to make at least 90% percent of those thoughts incredibly empowering, happier, loving, and more positive?   

Work one-on-one with Bestselling Author & Spiritual Guide Yudy Veras Bueno and learn HOW to convert 72,000 daily thoughts into happier and healthier ones!

This is the first step for you or your loved one to begin a long-lasting process of self-transformation and healing. Reducing stress, gain peace of mind, stop the overthinking, improve relationships, and achieve a new level of well-being!

An incredible experience that surpassed my every single expectation. I would absolutely recommend Yudy Veras Bueno to anyone seeking balance and clarity. It was a beautiful experience! A true gift. You have no idea how much your energy helped me. I cannot thank you enough. I never thought I could be this happy. I attracted this job for being in a place where I could receive it. You are a gift and a true friend. It completely blows me away how things have turned around for me after our session. Thank you. Kaira G., New York - Mom

Food Industry Expert & Managing Partner



3 Transformational Sessions – 2 Coaching Sessions + One Healing Session + A BONUS Exploratory Session (a total of 4 Sessions)

Complimentary Assessment

A Complimentary Assessment to understand why you really feel so overwhelmed, stressed out, and even anxious. This assessment will get you to understand what’s driving your most profound emotional and spiritual needs at the subconscious level

The Becoming of a Light Warrior Book

A FREE copy of my NEW and #1 Bestseller book, “The Becoming of a Light Warrior,” a practical, easy-to-read guide to emotional breakthroughs


A Percentage of Your Investment is Dedicated to the Prevention of Human Trafficking, Especially to End Trafficking of Children.

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You will receive a FREE copy of my NEW and #1 Bestseller book, “The Becoming of a Light Warrior,” a practical, easy-to-read guide to emotional breakthroughs!

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About Me

Yudy Veras Bueno, is a Spiritual Guide, international speaker, and best selling author.  Her #1 best, selling book, The Becoming of A Light Warrior, a practical guide to emotional breakthrough is written to answer the cry of many women in need of healing.  She has served hundreds of women and their loved ones.

The book is a powerful guide to self-transformation. In it, readers will find the push to become unstuck, redefining their self-love and self-care.

Yudy says, “I want women to understand that the road to emotional breakthrough all begins with redefining self-love and self-care so they can find their true self-worth.”

In her award-winning coaching program, The Light Warrior Series and through her life-changing healing circles, women breakthrough emotional pain, self-imposed limitations, and chronic stress.  Yudy’s mission is to help women create a thriving life that comes from the heart, unleashing the Light Warrior within.
The program is raw, real and inspiring.

Yudy has appeared on television, radio, podcasts and in print.  She is a certified Neuro-Linguistics Practitioner, Reiki Master Practitioner and Mindfulness Coach.