Light Warrior Master Series

This one-on-one program was inspired and designed to prepare you to become mentally, emotionally, and spiritually stronger to face today’s challenges.


We are living in critical times and facing major cycles of radical changes. How well we prepare ourselves for this perilous period determines whether we will be able to enjoy life in a healthy and sustainable manner.

This program was inspired and designed to prepare you to become mentally, emotionally, and spiritually stronger to face today’s challenges.

Our mission is to create a practical program to equip you with the right tools so that you stop living on autopilot, release insecurities, anxiety, depression, and high levels of stress. Understanding and cultivating the relationship between body, mind, and spirit, and discovering the power of becoming mindful of your emotional and spiritual needs is what will empower you to move forward

During this master series, you’ll benefit from a combination of guidance, coaching, and deep healing, allowing true insight into who you are. This is a journey to re-discover yourself, a deep exploration to get to know the real you underneath the many roles you play.

You’ll learn meditation techniques for relaxation, clear thinking, deeper inner connection, and great resources to create a strong foundation by understanding and shifting your emotional states. We’ll integrate lessons from the past, healing the inner child, learning to forgive yourself and others.

Most importantly, you’ll learn and re-define true self-love and self-care, practical spiritual wisdom, and master feeling comfortable in your own skin.

You Will:

Understand your emotional and spiritual needs and how your subconscious mind is responding to them

Understand the sacred triad: The powerful body, mind and spirit connection

Understand the ego and the shadow and how these two play a big part in your everyday life; including strategies for overcoming the ego

Explore the three pillars of self-compassion to learn from past lessons

Answer fundamental questions to find life’s meaning and purpose

Who Am I?

What’s this place we live in, this planet?

And what am I doing here?

Learn how to release and let go of stress by practicing mindfulness and conscious breathing

Understand the power of spoken words and thought patterns

Set healthy boundaries; including learning to say “no” to others and “yes” to yourself

Practice the power of everyday actions

Practical Learning and Benefits

  • Healing the inner-child

  • Releasing past pain; healing past wounds; dealing with anxiety, depression, and panic

  • Changing destructive behaviors and generating new productive ones

  • Learning how to feel worthy, improving self-confidence

  • Reconnecting with yourself

  • Creating and/or sustaining more meaningful relationships with yourself and others

  • Learning to embrace and love yourself

  • Learning from past shortcomings and mistakes and letting go of guilt, anger, shame or blame. This six-month coaching program is designed to empower the individual to experience profound changes by rediscovering self- love as a prerequisite for spiritual growth.

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