The Becoming of A Light Warrior

A Practical Guide to Emotional Breakthroughs
Yudy Veras Bueno,
The Joyful Shaman
I could relate to the author because we all want to feel accepted and don’t want to feel different. The book helped me to work through some of my own fears. Yudy’s provides support for the reader to make changes in their own life just as she has.
Erin Monaghan, Teacher & Business Owner

The Becoming of A Light Warrior

A Practical Guide to Emotional Breakthroughs

This book will give the push that you need to get out of that place
of inertia and feeling stuck. It will help you take actions and find answers to heal past pain. I use my own personal stories and experiences so that it’s relatable, raw, and real. As you read through these stories you will begin to write your own life story from a new perspective.

It will help you re-define self-love and self-care, reflect on your values and belief system. It will support you in rediscovering your innate capacity for happiness, love, and compassion toward yourself and others, improve your relationships, and, reconnect with your inner guidance so that you stop living on autopilot.

You’ll experience the magic of feeling alive.

The book is easy to read, magical, and mind-blowing. It will bring that new breath of fresh air you need to begin a new chapter in your life. It’s charged with tons of practical knowledge, tips, and tools that you can apply right away.

“Raw. Real and in your face. You need to hear this! The whole story is jaw-dropping and heart-wrenching. When I read this book, it hit me hard because I was in a dark place. It was comforting and just what I needed to hear. Often times we don’t see our own light. This book is made simple yet so wise, impressive, knowledgeable, and filled with relatable experiences. I can only say that everyone must read this book, it’s heartfelt and you feel very connected.”
—Lauren Giammaria, Special Education Teacher
Yudy Veras Bueno, is a Spiritual Guide, international speaker, and best-selling author.  She is known as the “joyful shaman” to the women in her tribe. “Finding joy”, she says is “the key to life.”  Her #1 best, selling book, The Becoming of A Light Warrior, a practical guide to emotional breakthrough is written to answer the cry of many women in need of healing.  She has served hundreds of women and their loved ones.  

The book is a powerful guide to self-transformation. In it, readers will find the push to become unstuck, redefining their self-love and self-care. Yudy says,
“I want women to understand that the road to emotional breakthrough all begins with redefining self-love and self-care so they can find their true self-worth.”

In her award-winning coaching program, The Light Warrior Series and through her life-changing healing circles, women breakthrough emotional pain, self-imposed limitations, and chronic stress.  Yudy’s mission is to help women create
a thriving life that comes from the heart, unleashing the L
ight Warrior within.
The program is raw, real and inspiring.

Yudy has appeared on television, radio, podcasts and in print.  She is a certified reiki master practitioner and mindfulness coach.  


I devoured the whole book in a few hours. It was such an easy read and so thought-provoking. I have learned from reading her book that when you yourself are happy all the things you felt that were so big and troublesome now are quite small and by putting yourself first and making your feelings a priority is when you find true happiness. Yudy helps you to remember it takes constant work. You start noticing changes in the way you speak, the way you treat others and how every day a new person can make you reflect on their words to better yourself. A simple read, with a cup of tea in your comfy pjs, will change your life. I know it did for me.
—Shirley DiGiorgio, mom and store manager

“One word “mind-blowing.” This is a life-changing book that everyone should be required to read. This book is a practical guide on how to start living life to the fullest and being the happiest, healthiest version of yourself. It gave me hope for my future and inspired me to become in charge of my life. I gained a new sense of hope, courage, and inspiration from this book. The steps and exercises are achievable and easy. I have implemented some into my life already”
—Erica Friedhoff, Licensed Social Worker

Yudy’s book is amazing. The personal experiences she shared were written with such honesty and emotion and it was genuinely very moving to read. Not only is the book highly informative and well researched, but it’s also extremely engaging and emotionally compelling. Because it’s so accessible and easy to read, I had to continually remind myself to slow down to make sure I didn’t miss anything and to allow myself to absorb and reflect on the powerful messages in every chapter. I love the theme that runs through the book about how science and spirituality are finally realizing that they are not opposed, but have really been asking the same questions all along. It’s interesting to see how the extreme science of today is approaching the understanding that the great teachers already knew thousands of years ago. The only thing I can say is that I wish I had come across a book like this a long time ago. Yudy’s suggested practice of taking the time to ask yourself simple yet extremely important questions would have saved me a lot of suffering, regret, and time. But it is a method I plan on using in the future any time I feel unhappy or lost. Thank you for that.”
Jeff Feller – Special Education Teacher

This should be a mandatory read for anyone looking to grow spiritually. I love the details and how you are able to bring the reader into your world. – It’s just an amazing book.
Gabrielle Leoni, Co-Founder of Earth’s Healings