Women's Healing Circle

Global Movement for Self-Empowerment


The circle is an ancient sacred tradition. Throughout history, women have gathered in sacred circles around the fire, beginning in prehistoric times. Then, during the Middle Ages within hushed monasteries. The indigenous cultures called it “The Medicine Wheel,” and it has been deeply rooted in their shamanic practices all over the globe for millenniums.

A Women’s Circle is a Global Movement for self-empowerment ~ It’s an intimate and sacred gathering of powerful women, and even some brave men, with the purpose of allowing full expression of emotions and channeling the energy of those emotions toward positive life transformation.

We sit together and welcome one another just as we are. We hold space without the need to rescue each other from our own experiences, feelings, and emotions. It is a safe place where each one is free to express themselves without judgment.

The circle encompasses and represents the seven Chakras of Eastern traditions, as well as the seven sacred directions of the indigenous cultures: West, North, East, South, Sky, Earth, and Center. These directions are the sacred quadrants of the universe, and at its center is the Heart Chakra—our grounding force, representing the spiritual essence of the self, the higher self, and the essence of every living entity!

In the 1970s these circles became very popular as society was undergoing great transformation and critical changes. Today we are facing big challenges, and the feminine energy is calling us once more, to heal, to listen, gain tools, and gather the strength needed to face these grave times. Now Yudy brings the circle all over the globe for healing and self-transformation.

7 Pillars of a Healing Circle

We Honor Self-Healing & Feminine Power:

We hold sacred space for each woman to find self-healing and embrace our feminine power :: As moms, sisters, friends, caretakers, and caregivers, who often feel drained and fatigue. We constantly worried about our kids, partner, family, and friends, and usually, forget about our own needs. Each circle offers the unique opportunity for each woman and man to practice self-love, self-care, and letting go of stress, anxiety, worries and fears… and whatever is no longer serving us any longer. We believe that as we help to heal a mom, we’ll heal the community

We Honor Safety & Freedom of Expression:

We hold sacred space where each woman and man feels safe and free to self-express :: As guardian of the Circle, we encourage full confidentiality and a judgment-free zone. As individuals sincere in our search for personal truth, we speak from our own direct experience. We refer to “I” and refrain from speaking about “you” and consciously and silently control the impulse of reacting and rescuing each other’s from our own emotions.

We Honor Active Compassion:

We hold sacred space where each woman and man can practice active compassion:: We intentionally open our hearts to every person present, including ourselves for the better understanding of each other without judgment or pity.

We Honor Inner Wisdom:

We hold sacred space where each woman and man practices inner wisdom:: Our guided healing process creates the perfect recipe for each person to tap into their inner wisdom and receive the messages needed to move forward in life.

We Honor The Practice of Gratitude:

We hold sacred space for Gratitude:: We take time to count our blessings. We say thank you 3 times each time for what we have, for what we know, for what we don’t know yet, for all the gifts yet to come. We say “thank you” for each person at the circle, we say “thank you” for ourselves, for our perfect imperfections. We simply say “thank you, thank you, thank you.

We Honor & Encourage Diversity & Simplicity:

Hold sacred space for diversity and simplicity:: Each person brings their inner wisdom regardless of cultural background, or belief system. Each one has something to offer. We honor and celebrate all diverse ways of living:: As Circle shows us time, and time again, true abundance and wealth flow from the simplest gifts of life. We value laughter, joy, smiles, and politeness, kindness and generosity. We encourage simple shifts that enhance the quality of our lives. We create tribe where we practice inter-connectedness.

We Honor The Mystery & Magic of the Universe:

We hold sacred space where each person can tap into the realm of beauty and magic from which our reality manifest – the realm of mystery:: We honor our ancestors, as their blueprint still lives in us. We give thanks to our guides and spiritual teachers. We honor the four directions, the elemental and dynamic intelligence force that created us, and everything manifested in this magnificent and beautiful universe.

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